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Analysis Parameters
For each possible source-target net pair, Clearance Dist., Creepage Dist., and Groove Width have to be specified. All the nets of the type Potential can be selected as Source.
1. Select Live from the Source drop-down list.
The Target Net list is automatically filled with all possible target nets according to the currently selected source. In this case, it is the nets Earth and Neutral. The nets Body Screw and Grip Screw do not appear here, since they are of type Potential-free and thus, cannot act as source or target for creepage and clearance paths. However, paths can take shortcuts through these nets.
2. For the Earth, set the following values
Clearance Dist.5.00
Creepage Dist.10.00
Groove width0.33
3. For the Neutral, set the following values
Clearance Dist.7.00
Creepage Dist.10.00
Groove Width0.33
4. Ensure that the Clearance check box and the Creepage check box are selected.
5. Click Compute All to start the computation.
Compute All iterates through all possible sources.
Compute Current Source only performs the computation for the currently selected source.
For example, A,B and C are the three entity nets that are present in an assembly. Compute All computes the paths between A-B, A-C, and B-C, independent of the current source selection. While, Compute Current Source would only compute A-B and A-C if A was currently selected as source.