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Working with the Sketcher Grid
Sketcher mode supports both Cartesian and polar grids. When you first enter Sketcher mode, the system displays a Cartesian grid. Before beginning the sketch, the grid can be one of two sizes:
For the first feature section of a part and for auxiliary sketches such as blind holes, the grid has a spacing equal to one model unit. For example, sketching a box 4x6 grid spaces creates a box measuring 4x6 units.
Additional section sketches for a model use a grid for reference only. You can modify this grid spacing, but the first grid displayed is scaled for the current part size and does not have a value of one unit between grid lines.
You can set the grid intersection at the following locations:
Sketched entity endpoint and center of arc/circle
Sketched point and coordinate system
Datum point and coordinate system
Edge or curve vertex
To access the Grid Settings dialog box, click Sketch > Setup > Grid.