Sketcher > Creating Sketcher Geometry > Creating Geometry with the Offset Edge Option > To Thicken an Edge
To Thicken an Edge
1. Click Sketch > Thicken. The Type dialog box opens.
2. Select an edge type.
You must select tangent edges using the Chain option.
To use the entire edge to create an offset or thickened entity, you must create an untrimmed offset edge from a single edge.
3. In the Menu Manager dialog box, click Next or Previous to switch between selections.
4. Click Accept.
5. For single or chain edges, select an end cap type from the End caps list:
Open—No end cap is created.
Flat—Creates an end cap perpendicular to the thickened edges.
Circular—Creates a half-circle end cap.
6. Select one or more edges.
7. Type a thickness value and press ENTER or click . A direction arrow appears on the edge.
8. Type an offset value and press ENTER or click .
* To create a thickened edge entirely to one side of the original edge, specify an offset value whose absolute value is greater than the thickness value.