Sketcher > Moving or Replacing Entities > To Translate, Rotate, or Scale a Section
To Translate, Rotate, or Scale a Section
Use the Rotate Resize tool to move, rotate, shrink, or expand the entire section.
1. Click Sketch > Select and then click All. The entire section is selected.
* To select individual entities, hold down the CTRL key and select the entities.
2. Click Rotate Resize. The Rotate Resize tab opens. Additionally, the Scale, Rotate, and Translate handles appear on your selection.
3. Enter the translation, rotation, or scale value. Alternatively,
Drag the scale handle, , to modify the scale of the section.
Drag the rotate handle, , to rotate the section.
Drag the translate handle, , to move the section or center the selection.
* To move a handle, click the handle and drag it to a new location.
4. Click .
You can scale a feature section only if geometry does not exist in the model.
You cannot select angular dimensions while translating, rotating, or scaling a section.
When you select a single Sketcher text entity to scale or rotate, by default the translation handle is placed on the start point of the text string.