Sketcher > Creating a Feature Section > To Modify the Sketch Setup
To Modify the Sketch Setup
1. Click Model > Sketch. The Sketch dialog box opens. The Plane, Reference, and Orientation display the current settings.
2. Change any of the following on the Placement tabbed page:
Sketch Plane—Select a datum plane or a planar surface to specify the new sketching plane.
Sketch Orientation
Change the direction of the sketch view.
Change or remove the current orientation reference.
Change the orientation (Top, Bottom, Right, Left) of the orientation reference.
* When you remove an orientation reference, the existing orientation reference is replaced with the default orientation reference, that is, an existing plane or based on the model default coordinate system.
3. Change any of the following on the Properties tabbed page:
Sketch name
Cross hatching (sketched datum curve only) value
4. Click Sketch. The Sketch tab opens.
* Sketch is disabled if the Sketch Plane box is empty.  
When you change a value in the Sketch dialog box, the active section is regenerated. The sketcher geometry appears with new orientation settings. Upon regeneration, a message in the message pane indicates reference failures, if any, that you must resolve.