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To Modify Dimension Values
To modify one dimension, double-click it. To modify several dimensions at once, use the Modify Dimensions dialog box.
To Modify One Dimension
1. Double-click the dimension.
2. Type a new value and press ENTER. The dimension is changed.
To Modify a Group of Dimensions
1. Click and drag a box to select one or more dimensions to modify.
2. Right-click and choose Modify from the shortcut menu or click Sketch > Modify. The Modify Dimensions dialog box opens. Each of the entities and the dimension values you selected appear in the list.
3. Set any of the following options:
Regenerate—Click the check box to regenerate the section every time a dimension is changed. Clear the check box to regenerate the section only when you have finished modifying dimensions.
Lock Scale—Click the check box to lock the section scale. Clear the check box to allow scale changes.
Sensitivity—Drag the slider to change the sensitivity for a selected dimension.
4. Type new values for the dimensions.
5. Click OK. The section is regenerated.