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To Create a Feature Section (basic)
The following basic procedure outlines how to create a feature section when working with the part.
1. Select and orient the sketching plane.
* When you create a new feature, the system automatically selects default Sketcher references. You can change these references or create new ones in the References dialog box or by pressing ALT and selecting one or more background entities. Any valid geometry is automatically added as a reference.
2. Sketch the section geometry. If you have specified appropriate references, the section is complete after sketching.
3. Refine the section. You may wish to change the dimensioning scheme or to apply additional constraints.
4. Optionally, you may want to save the section.
It is important to specify the right references before sketching so that Sketcher can create appropriate dimensions and constraints to position the section with respect to the part or assembly geometry.
If you select Sketch before selecting sufficient references, Sketcher issues a warning.