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To Create Spline Tangency Dimensions
You can create tangency dimensions for endpoints and intermediate control points of the spline. Note that the spline must have tangency defined before you can use a tangency dimension at the ends. You can modify the spline to add tangency and then create angle dimensions.
1. Click Sketch > Normal or right-click and choose Dimension from the shortcut menu.
2. Click the spline.
3. Click the geometry to which the spline tangency is defined.
4. Click the endpoint where the tangency is defined or any spline interpolation point.
5. Click the middle mouse button to place the dimension.
* When you create a tangency dimension on the spline, Sketcher removes the tangency assumption.
To Create an Angular Dimension between a Spline and a Line or an Arc
1. Select the spline.
2. Select the arc or the line.
* Ensure that the selected spline and the line or arc are not tangent.
3. Select the intersecting point of the spline and the line or arc.
4. Click the middle mouse button.