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Automatic Coordinate System Conversions
When you retrieve a section from the Sketcher Palette or from a legacy file, it may include a coordinate system type that is unavailable in the current Sketcher environment. Under these circumstances, the coordinate system is automatically converted as follows:
Horizontal-vertical—Becomes a geometry coordinate system, in instances where geometry coordinate systems are available. In other instances, a construction coordinate system is substituted.
* For Sketched Curve features, the geometry coordinate system generates a datum coordinate system outside Sketcher. Make sure to toggle the system to Construction if you do not want to create the datum.
Construction or Datum—Becomes two perpendicular construction centerlines with a construction point at the intersection, in instances where horizontal-vertical coordinate systems are available.
All other coordinate systems created before Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, that are not needed for feature-level information, are converted to construction coordinate systems.