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About the Spline Modification User Interface
To modify a spline:
Double-click the spline.
Select the spline, right-click in the Sketcher window and click Modify.
Use the commands to specify interpolation or control points when changing x or y coordinates. In addition, you can perform the following functions:
Click to create a control polygon.
Click to modify spline using interpolation points.
Click to modify spline using control points.
Click to show a curvature analysis.
Point—Change the x and y coordinates for interpolation. Also, move points to an absolute value or relative to the current value.
Fit—Remove redundant data by the following methods:
Sparse—Remove within a deviation tolerance.
Smooth—Remove by averaging.
File—From the File tab you can:
Associate spline points with a coordinate system
Read point coordinates from a file
Save point coordinates
Display coordinate information
Change the coordinate system to Cartesian or Polar.
Shortcut Menu
Right-click the Sketcher window to access the shortcut commands:
Add Point—Add a point.
Delete Point—Delete a point (includes end points).
Pick From List—Open the Pick From List dialog box.