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About Undo and Redo Operations for Sketcher
You can undo or redo a Sketcher operation. When you undo an operation, Sketcher returns you to the state prior to the current operation. Similarly, you can redo an operation on which you have just performed an undo operation. The undo and redo operations work only for the creation, deletion, and modification actions on sketch entities. You can set the following configuration options to control Sketcher undo and redo:
sketcher_undo_reorient_view—If you set this configuration option to yes, all the view reorientation operations between a pair of consecutive creation, deletion, or modification actions, are combined into a single viewing operation that defines a separate undo or redo operation. View reorientation operations are combined only for those view reorientation operations that are performed with the value of the sketcher_undo_reorient_view configuration option set to yes.
sketcher_undo_stack_limit—This configuration option controls the number of times you can undo or redo operations. The default is 200 and the maximum is 500.