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About Cut, Copy, and Paste Operations
You can use the cut and copy operations to remove or duplicate, respectively, a portion of a section or the complete section. You can cut or copy regular sketch geometry, construction geometry, centerlines, and strong dimensions and constraints associated with the selected geometry entities. The sketch entities that you cut or copy are placed on the clipboard.
You can use the paste operation to place the cut or copied entities at a required location within an active section. When you perform the paste operation, the sketch geometry on the clipboard is not removed, allowing you to use the copied or cut sketch geometry multiple times. You can also use the cut, copy, and paste operations to move the contents of a section across multiple sections. Additionally, you can translate, rotate, or scale the sketch geometry entities that you paste.
* When you copy or cut sketch geometry, the sketch geometry along with its line style and color is placed on the clipboard. Set the value of the sket_import_geometry_line_style configuration option to yes if you want to retain the line style and color of the copied or cut sketch geometry.
You can undo or redo a cut or paste operation only in the current Sketcher session.