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To Create a Revolved Surface Trim
To create a surface trim, you must have a quilt present in your model.
A revolved feature must contain an axis of revolution. Create an axis of revolution either by sketching a centerline with the revolved section, or by selecting existing linear geometry.
1. Click Model > Revolve. The Revolve tab opens.
2. Select a sketch, or to create a sketch, click the Placement tab, click Define, sketch a section, if desired click Sketch > Centerline in the Datum group to create a geometry centerline, and click OK.
* You could also select a sketch first, or select a datum plane or planar surface first, and then click Model > Revolve.
3. If the sketched section does not contain a centerline, click the collector, and then select a linear reference to use as the axis of revolution.
4. Select an angle option from the menu:
Variable. Type an angle value.
Symmetric. Type an angle value.
To Selected. Select a datum point, vertex,  plane, or surface as a reference.
* The terminating plane or surface must contain the axis of revolution.
5. To flip the direction of feature creation in relation to the sketching plane, click .
6. To create a surface, click .
7. To remove material, click .
8. Click the Quilt collector, and select a quilt to trim.
The sketch is projected to intersect with the quilt.
9. To review how the quilt will be trimmed, click .
10. To change the portion of the quilt to be removed, click to the left of the Quilt collector. The arrow that lies within the sketching plane points to the side that will be removed. Switch between three modes:
Remove Side 1
Remove Side 2
Keep both sides
11. If you keep both sides of the quilt, you must select the side that will inherit the original quilt ID. Click to the right of the Quilt collector.
12. Click .