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To Create a Revolved Surface
A revolved feature must contain an axis of revolution. Create an axis of revolution either by sketching a centerline with the revolved section, or by selecting existing linear geometry.
1. Click Model > Revolve. The Revolve tab opens.
2. Select a sketch, or to create a sketch, click the Placement tab, click Define, sketch a section, if desired click Sketch > Centerline in the Datum group to create a geometry centerline, and click OK.
* You could also select a sketch first, or select a datum plane or planar surface first, and then click Model > Revolve.
3. If the sketched section does not contain a centerline, click the collector, and then select a linear reference to use as the axis of revolution.
4. To create a surface, click .
5. Select an angle option from the menu:
Variable. Type an angle value.
Symmetric. Type an angle value.
To Selected. Select a datum point, vertex,  plane, or surface as a reference.
* The terminating plane or surface must contain the axis of revolution.
6. To flip the direction of feature creation in relation to the sketching plane, click .
7. To create a double-sided feature, do one of the following actions to define the depth for the second side of the sketching plane:
Click the Options tab and select a depth option for Side 2.
Right-click the drag handle, choose Other Side, and then select a depth option.
Right-click the graphics window and select Side 2.
8. If you used a closed section for the revolved feature, you can close the ends of the revolved surface. Click the Options tab and select Capped Ends.
9. Click .