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To Create a Datum Point On or Offset from a Surface
To place a point on a surface or quilt, you must dimension the point to two references. These dimensions are considered offset reference dimensions. Each new point placed on a surface or quilt has a placement handle displayed at the selection location, and two offset reference handles that you use to dimension the point to the model geometry. Initially, the offset reference handles are not attached to any reference.
1. Click Model, click the arrow next to Point, and click Point. The Datum Point dialog box opens.
2. In the graphics window, click a surface or quilt. A new point is added to the model at the selected location. The new point is added to the points list, and the selected surface appears in the References collector.
3. Dimension the point to two offset references by doing one of these actions:
Drag the offset reference handle to attach it to a reference entity (an edge, surface, or plane). When you release the handle, the a placement dimension is added.
Click the Offset references collector, then hold down CTRL while you select a reference.
Perform the action twice, once for each reference.
4. To adjust a placement dimension, perform one of these actions:
Double-click a dimension value in the graphics window, and type a new value.
In the Offset references collector, type a new value next to the reference.
5. To offset the point from the surface or quilt, change the location constraint from On to Offset by performing one of these actions:
In the References collector, click On, and select Offset from the list that appears. Type the offset value in the Offset box.
In the graphics window, right-click the point's placement handle and choose Offset from the shortcut menu. Drag the offset handle to the desired location.
6. Click New Point to add more points, or click OK.