Part Modeling > Base Features > Revolve > Working with the Revolved Feature > Making Changes to a Revolved Feature
Making Changes to a Revolved Feature
With the Revolve tool, you can switch between different feature options while creating the feature. You can also edit the feature after it has been created using one of the editing tools:
Edit Definition—Redefine the feature.
Edit References—Change the existing references by replacing them with new.
Edit—Modify feature dimensions.
* When you redefine the feature type from solid to surface or vice versa, these changes are not propagated to the dependent copies of that feature.
Using Direct Section Edit
You can access a feature section in the Model Tree and make changes to the section without entering the feature Edit mode. This lets you work directly with the section and placement references without opening the Revolve tool.
To edit a section from the Model Tree:
1. Click the feature icon in the Model Tree. The section subnode appears in the Model Tree.
2. Right-click the section subnode and choose one of the options:
Edit—Modify the section dimensions.
Edit Definition—Modify the section placement and the section geometry.
Redefining a Copied Feature
If you edit a section while redefining a copied revolved feature, the redefined feature is no longer associative with the original feature.