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About the Merged Feature User Interface
The Merge tab consists of commands, tabs, and shortcut menus. Click Model > Merge to open the Merge tab.
These options are available only if you select two intersecting quilts:
—For the first quilt, changes the side to include in the merge.
—For the second quilt, changes the side to include in the merge.
Quilts collector—Displays quilts selected for the merge operation.
—Moves the selected quilt to the top of the list and makes it the primary quilt.
—Moves the selected quilt up in the list.
—Moves the selected quilt down in the list.
This option is available for merging two quilts, but not more than two.
Intersect—Merges two quilts that intersect. The resulting quilt consists of portions of the original quilts that are adjacent to the intersection boundary. You select which portion of each quilt to keep.
Join—Merges two adjacent quilts. The single-sided edge of one quilt must lie on the other quilt.
Name box—Sets a name for a feature.
—Displays detailed component information in a browser.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click the graphics window to access shortcut menu commands when two intersecting quilts are selected:
Intersect—Merges two quilts at their intersection point.
Join—Joins two quilts.