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About the General Datum Point User Interface
The general Datum Point user interface consists of the Datum Point dialog box and shortcut menus. Click Model, click the arrow next to Point, and click Point to open the Datum Point dialog box.
Datum Point Dialog Box
The Datum Point dialog box contains the following tabs:
The elements are context sensitive depending on the placement method.
Points list—Lists points within the current datum point feature.
References collector—Places a new datum point by referencing surfaces, curves, edges, points, facet faces, facet edges, and facet vertices.
Constraints list—Sets the constraint for each reference. Located in the References collector next to each reference.
Offset box—Sets an offset value for points placed at an offset distance.
Offset method list—Sets the method of defining the offset.
Offset references collector—Displays references for dimensioning a point to the model geometry.
* For points on a curve or edge, the Offset reference section lists additional elements.
Offset reference value box—Sets an offset value for each offset reference. Located in the Offset references collector next to each offset reference.
End of curve option—Offsets the new point’s position from the end point of the selected curve or edge.
Next End—Offsets from the other end of the curve.
Reference option—Offsets the new point’s position from an additional selected reference.
Reference collector—Displays an additional offset reference.
Offset Type list—Sets the offset type to Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical when the reference is a coordinate system, a coordinate system axis, or a vertex.
Name box—Sets a name for a feature.
—Displays detailed component information in a browser.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click the graphics window when the Datum Point dialog box is open to access shortcut menu commands.
Placement References—Activates the References collector.
Offset References—Activates the Offset references collector.
Offset—Changes the On location constraint to Offset.
Next Curve End—Selects the other endpoint of a curve or edge to use as a reference.
New Point—Creates a new point.
Ratio—Sets a length ratio for placing a point on a curve or edge.
Real—Sets a distance from the endpoint of a curve or edge.
Duplicate—Creates a datum point by applying the same placement constraints and references.
Unsnap—Unselects a selected entity.