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About the Datum Point Offset from a Coordinate System User Interface
The user interface for datum points that are offset from a coordinate system consists of the Datum Point dialog box. On the Model tab, click the arrow next to Point, and then click Offset Coordinate System to open the Datum Point dialog box.
Datum Point Dialog Box
The Datum Point dialog box contains the following tabs:
Reference collector—Displays the coordinate system used as a reference to place points.
Type box—Sets the offset method to Cartesian, cylindrical, or spherical.
Use Non Parametric Array check box—Removes dimensions and converts point data into a non-parametric array.
* You can add, delete or modify the points in a non-parametric array using the points table or a text editor, but not through the Edit command on the shortcut menu.
Points table—Lists points in the current point feature and their offset values for each axis.
Import—Imports a data file into the model.
Update Values—Displays the values of all the points listed in the points table, using the text editor. You can also add a new point, update the existing values of a point, or delete points using the text editor.
While redefining the datum point offset coordinate system, if you click Update Values and edit one or all of the point's values using the text editor, Creo assigns the new values to the original point.
Save—Saves the point's coordinates to a file with a .pts extension.
Name box—Sets a name for a feature.
—Displays detailed component information in a browser.