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To Create an Axis Pattern
1. Select the feature you want to pattern and click Model > Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
2. Select Axis from the list of pattern types. The Axis pattern options open.
3. Select or create a datum axis at the center of the pattern. A default pattern in the angular direction is previewed, with the pattern members indicated by black dots.
4. To specify the number of pattern members in the angular direction, type the number in the text box on the Pattern tab.
5. Use one of these methods to space pattern members:
Type the angle between pattern members in the box.
Click and type an angular extent in the box
6. To add pattern members in the radial direction, type the number of members in the 2 box.
7. To space members in the radial direction, type the distance between members in the text box.
8. To reverse the direction of the pattern, click for each direction, or enter a negative increment value.
9. Set one or more of the following optional parameters:
To create a variable pattern, add dimensions to vary on the Dimensions tab. Include a numerical increment or select the Define increment by relation check box.
To set a new origin for the pattern members, select the Use alternate origin check box on the Options tab.
To rotate the pattern members about the axis, select the Follow axis rotation check box on the Options tab.
10. Click . The pattern is created.