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To Create a Variable Pull Direction Draft
1. Click Model, click the arrow next to Draft, and click Variable Pull Direction Draft. The Variable Pull Direction Draft tab opens.
2. Click the Pull Direction Reference Surface collector and select a surface, a datum plane, or a quilt for the pull direction reference surface. The reference surface is highlighted.
3. Click the Draft Hinges collector and then click an edge or a curve for a draft hinge. A preview draft with a draft angle handle attached to one end of the hinge is displayed.
4. To add another draft angle handle to the draft edge or curve, right-click the draft angle handle or right-click the Angles box on the References tab and choose Add Angle from the shortcut menu. A second draft angle handle appears and the two handles snap to the hinge ends. You can add additional draft angle handles that will appear between the first two handles.
5. Drag the draft handles, or change the values in the box on the Variable Pull Direction Draft tab or the Angles table on the References tab, to change the draft angles if desired.
6. To create a split on the draft surface, on the References tab in Sets area, select the Splitting Surfaces check box. Select a surface, a datum plane, or a quilt as a reference. A draft angle dragger is added to each of the set's draft handles at the splitting surface reference position. You can adjust the draft angles at this point in reference to the pull direction reference surface.
7. To add a draft hinge on another plane leading from the same draft reference surface, click New Set. Set 2 appears and is activated in the Sets list.
8. Select an edge for the new draft hinge and define it as described in steps 2 through 5. You can toggle between Set 1 and Set 2, but you cannot activate both at the same time.
9. On the Options tab:
To choose solid draft geometry, select Attach to solid or quilt.
To choose quilt draft geometry, select Create new quilts. The Extent list becomes available on the Variable Pull Direction Draft tab and on the Options tab. To define the features of the last section of the quilt geometry, select an extent option from the Extent list or drag the draft length handles.
10. To extend the draft features to other edges of the pull direction reference surface, click Details under Sets on the References tab. The Chain dialog box opens.
* You can find more information on chains in the Fundamentals functional area of the Creo Help Center.
11. Click .
* To revert to a constant draft, right-click and choose Make Constant on the shortcut menu. All the draft angles except the first one are deleted.