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To Create a Point Pattern with a Sketch
1. Select the feature to be patterned and click Model > Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
2. Select Point from the pattern type box. The Point pattern options appear.
3. To use a sketch that will place pattern members, click .
4. To select or create a sketch do one of the following:
To select a sketch, make sure the collector on the Pattern tab is active, and select a sketch. The sketch must contain geometry points, a geometry coordinate system, or both.
To create a sketch:
1. Click the References tab.
2. Click Define to create an internal sketch. The Sketch dialog box opens.
3. Select a Sketch plane, Reference, and Orientation and click Sketch. The Sketch tab opens.
4. Sketch one or more geometry points or geometry coordinate systems.
* Make sure to create points using the Sketch > Point tool in the Datum group, and coordinate systems using the Sketch > Coordinate System tool in the Datum group.
5. Click OK. The Sketch tab closes.
5. Optionally, to align the pattern members with the leader by using an origin different from the default origin, click the Use alternate origin collector, and then select a datum point, coordinate system, curve end, or vertex. The default origin is located at the center of an imaginary bounding box around the pattern leader geometry.
6. Set one or more of the optional parameters on the Options tab:
Regeneration option—Reduces regeneration time by selecting a more restrictive regeneration option, depending on the complexity of the pattern:
Identical—All the pattern members are identical in size, are placed on the same surface, and do not intersect each other or part boundaries.
Variable—The pattern members can vary in size, or be placed on different surfaces, but they cannot intersect each other or part boundaries.
General—There are no pattern member restrictions.
Follow leader location—Offsets all pattern members from the sketch plane using the same distance as the pattern leader's offset. 
Follow surface shape—Positions pattern members to follow the shape of the selected surface. Click the collector and select a surface.
Follow surface direction—Orients the pattern members to follow the surface direction.
Spacing—Sets the way that the pattern leader and pattern members are projected onto the surface.
Follow curve direction—Places pattern members in the sketch plane to follow the curve.
7. Click . The pattern is created and the Pattern tab closes.