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To Create a Direction Pattern
You can pattern a feature by using directional references and dragging the patterned features. Directional patterns can be unidirectional and bidirectional.
1. Select the feature you want to pattern and click Model > Pattern. The Pattern tab opens.
2. To set the pattern type to Direction, select Direction from the list box of pattern types. The layout of the Pattern tab changes. The collector of first direction becomes active.
3. Select one of the following entities to use as a direction reference:
Straight edge
Plane or planar surface
Linear curve
Axis of a coordinate system
Datum axis
The system creates a default pattern of two members, indicated by a black dot, in the selected direction.
4. Type the number of pattern members in the first direction.
5. To change the distance between the pattern members, drag the placement handle.
* You can also type the distance between the pattern members in the Increment box on the Dimension tab.
6. To add pattern members in another direction, click the second direction collector and select the second direction reference.
* You can select a collector by right-clicking in the graphics window and selecting from the shortcut menu.
7. Type the number of pattern members in the second direction in the box labeled 2.
8. Adjust the distance between the members in the second direction by dragging the placement handle in the second direction or by typing the increment.
9. To reverse the direction of the pattern, click for each direction, or enter a negative increment value.
10. (Optional) To create a variable pattern, add dimensions to vary on the Dimensions tab.
11. Click .