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About the Helical Sweep User Interface
The Helical Sweep tab consists of commands, tabs, and shortcut menus. On the Model tab, click the arrow next to Sweep, and click Helical Sweep to open the Helical Sweep tab.
—Creates a solid feature.
—Creates a surface feature.
—Opens the Sketcher to create or edit the sweep cross section.
—Removes material along the sweep to create a cut for a solid feature or a quilt trim for a surface feature.
—Flips to the opposite side of the sketch for the removal of material.
—Adds a thickness to a sketch to create a thin solid, a thin solid cut, or a thin surface trim.
Thickness box—Sets a thickness value.
—Switches the thicken direction between one side, the other side, or both sides of the sketch.
Quilt collector—Displays a quilt to trim when and are selected.
(To the left of the Quilt collector)—Switches the side of the quilt to be removed between one side, the other side, or both sides of the quilt.
(To the right of the Quilt collector)—Toggles between two sides of a quilt to specify which side retains the quilt ID when you keep both sides of the quilt in a trim operation.
collector—Sets the pitch value.
—Sets the sweep direction using the left-hand rule
—Sets the sweep direction using the right-hand rule.
Helix sweep profile collector—Displays the sketched profile of the helix sweep.
Define—Opens Sketcher so you can define an internal sketch.
Unlink—Breaks the association between the feature and the selected sketch, and copies the sketch as an internal sketch.
Edit—Edits the sketch of the helix profile.
Flip next to Profile start point—Toggles the start point of the helical sweep between the two ends of the helix profile.
Helix axis collector—Displays the axis of revolution of the helix.
Internal CL—Sets a geometry centerline defined in the helix profile sketch to be the axis of revolution for the sweep.
Section orientation—Sets the orientation of the internal sketch plane.
Through axis of revolution—Sets the section to lie in a plane that passes through the axis of revolution.
Normal to trajectory—Sets the section to be oriented normal to the sweep trajectory.
#—Displays a numbered list of pitch points in the table.
Pitch—Displays the pitch value for the selected point.
Location Type—Sets the method by which pitch point placement is determined starting with the third point.
By Value—Sets the point location using a distance value from the start point.
By Reference—Sets the point location using a reference.
By Ratio—Sets the point location using a ratio of the profile length from the helix profile start point.
Location—Sets the point location.
When By Value is selected—Displays a distance value from the start point.
When By Reference is selected—Displays a point, vertex, plane, or surface that determines the pitch point location.
When By Ratio is selected—Displays a ratio of the profile length from the start point.
Add Pitch—Adds a new row in the pitch table and adds a new pitch point.
Capped ends check box—Closes each end of a sweep feature. Available for surface sweeps with a closed section and an open trajectory.
Along trajectory
Constant—Maintains a constant section as it sweeps along the trajectory.
Variable—Creates a sweep with a variable section. Uses section relations with the trajpar parameter to make the sketch variable. The sketch regenerates at points along the origin trajectory and updates its shape accordingly.
Name box—Sets a name for a sweep.
—Displays detailed component information in a browser.
Shortcut Menus
Right-click the graphics window to access shortcut menu commands.
Helix Sweep Profile—Activates the Helix sweep profile collector.
Axis of Revolution—Activates the Axis of revolution collector.
Trim Quilt Collector—Activates the Quilt collector.
Pitch Point Location—Activates collection of a pitch point reference.
Define Internal Helix Profile—Opens Sketcher to define an internal sketch.
Edit Internal Helix Profile—Opens the helix profile sketch in Sketcher.
Clear—Clears the currently active collector.
Helix Cross Section—Opens the sweep section sketch in Sketcher.
Solid—Creates a solid feature.
Surface—Creates a surface feature.
Thicken Sketch—Creates a thickness for a solid sweep or a surface sweep when is selected.
Add Pitch Point—Adds a new row in the pitch table.
Show Section Dimensions—Displays the sweep cross section dimensions.
Hide Section Dimensions—Hides the dimensions of the sweep.
Right-click a pitch point handle or a pitch point row in the table on the Pitch tab to access shortcut menu commands.
Remove Pitch Point—Deletes the selected pitch point.