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About the 3D Object
This topic discusses the following concepts:
Showing the 3D object
Section requirements for 3D objects
In a Volume Helical Sweep feature, you create a 3D object by sketching or selecting a sketch, and the system revolves it 360° around an axis of revolution.
Showing the 3D object
When the 3D object dragger is shown, you can also show the 3D object by clicking . You cannot show the 3D object without showing the dragger.
Section requirements for 3D objects
These are the requirements for a section so that the system can revolve it to create a 3D object:
Contain a line along the y-axis, that serves as the axis of revolution of the 3D object. The y-axis is colored green in the 3D object dragger, and when the Sketch tab is open
Lie on one side of the y-axis
Contain only lines and circular arcs
The 3D object that results from revolving the section about the y-axis must be convex
The following section is valid for creating a 3D object. It is convex, and revolving it creates a convex object:
The following section is not valid because though the sketch is convex, the 3D object that results when you revolve it is not convex:
The following section is not valid because it is not convex:
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