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About the 3D Object Dragger
Use the 3D object dragger to drag the 3D object along the helix, and to view the orientation of the 3D object. The dragger consists of three axes, and its origin lies on the helix.
To show the 3D object dragger, click . This shows the helix at the same time. You can show the 3D object dragger before you sketch or select the section you will use to create the 3D object.
The color of each axis in the 3D object dragger indicates its role:
Red—x-axis, horizontal axis of the section
Green—y-axis, vertical axis of the section, axis of revolution for the 3D object
Blue—z-axis, normal to the sketching plane
Axes of the dragger are defined by other references. The position of the dragger is determined by additional constraints and references. Creo orients the 3D object in relation to these references. The default orientation of the section is through the axis of revolution. You can adjust the section orientation by using the Adjustments tab.
When you show the 3D object dragger, you can also show the 3D object by clicking .
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