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About Specifying the Trajectory Type
There are different types of trajectories in the Sweep tool:
Origin trajectory
Normal trajectory
Tangent trajectory
The trajectory type is displayed on the Sweep tab References tab. Under Trajectories, the selected trajectories are listed.
You can change the type of the selected trajectory by selecting the following check boxes in the same row as the trajectory:
X—Sets the trajectory as an x-trajectory.
The trajectory that you select first cannot be the x-trajectory
N—Sets the trajectory as a normal trajectory.
It is a good practice to keep the origin trajectory as the normal trajectory. In some cases, if the normal trajectory geometry conflicts with the flow of the sweep frame along the origin trajectory, the section plane does not get oriented.
T—Sets the trajectory as a tangent trajectory.
When one or more tangent surfaces exist for the trajectory, the T check box is selected. When there are two tangent surfaces, change the tangency condition for the trajectory, and click Next.
All trajectories other than the origin trajectory are auxiliary trajectories by default until you click the X, N, or T check boxes.
Only one trajectory can be an x-trajectory
Only one trajectory can be a normal trajectory.
The same trajectory can be a normal and an x-trajectory at the same time.
Any trajectory with a neighboring surface can be a tangent trajectory.
You cannot remove the origin trajectory. However, you can replace the origin trajectory.