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To Select Edges Using the Search Tool
1. Click Model, click the arrow next to Round, and click Auto Round. The Auto Round tab opens.
2. Click the Scope tab. By default, all Solid Geometry is rounded. To exclude geometry you must also use the Exclude tab.
You can also use the collector on the Scope tab to specify what you want rounded.
If you click Selected Edges on the Scope tab, for example, you would then specify the edges you want rounded. In this case, you do not need to use the Excluded Edges collector.
By default, Solid Geometry is selected in the Scope tab and you would then use the Excluded Edges collector to exclude the items you did not want to round.
3. Click the Exclude tab. The Excluded Edges collector is activated.
4. Click Tools > Find to open the Search Tool dialog box.
5. Under Look for, select Edge or Intent Chain.
6. Under Look by, select Edge, Feature, Group, or Intent Chain.
7. Click the Attributes, History, Status, or Geometry tabs and specify the search criteria for the edges or intent chains.
8. If required, on the Status and Geometry tabs, click and make a selection in the graphics window.
9. Click Find Now. The Search Tool displays the results in the items found area of the Search Tool dialog box.
10. Select the items and click to move them to the items selected box.
11. Click Close. The Search Tool dialog box closes.
12. Click the Auto Round tab. The selected edges to exclude are highlighted in the graphics window and listed in the Excluded Edges collector on the Exclude tab.
13. Click to create the Auto Round with the excluded edges. The Auto Round feature appears in the Model Tree.