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To Define an Intersect at Surface Transition
1. Follow steps 1–4 in the procedure To Define a Round Transition.
2. Click the Transitions tab.
3. Under Transitions, select the current transition.
4. To define a new surface of intersection, click the collector under Surface of intersection to activate it, and then select a surface in the graphics window.
5. Under Transition Span, select One side or Two sides.
6. For one-sided transitions, do one of the following to set the patch length:
In the graphics window, drag the handle.
In the graphics window, double-click the length value and type a new one.
On the Round tab, type a value in the L box.
7. For two-sided transitions, set the following attributes:
Patch length for each side
Conic Parameter
Conic distance for each side
8. Click .