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To Create a Fill Feature
Using this topic, you can create a Fill feature that uses an independent section. This section is not associative with any Sketch feature. If you want to create a Fill feature that references a parent Sketch feature, refer to To Create a Fill Feature by using a Sketch Feature under Related Links.
1. Click Model > Fill. The Fill tab opens.
2. Click the References tab, and then click Define. The Sketch dialog box opens. You can also right-click the graphics window and use the Define Internal Sketch shortcut menu command.
* You could also select a sketch first, or select a datum plane or planar surface first, and then click Model > Fill.
3. In the Sketch dialog box, define the sketch plane and the sketch orientation, and click Sketch. The Sketch tab opens and the model orients.
4. In Sketcher, sketch a flat, closed-loop section.
5. Click OK. The Sketch tab closes, preview geometry appears in the graphics window, and the independent section is shown in the Model Tree.
6. Click .