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Redefining a Fill Feature
You can redefine a Fill feature in the following ways:
Redefine the section while the Fill tool is closed—This includes changing the section geometry and making a dependent section independent. Refer to the To Redefine a Section topic under Related Links. This is the recommended method.
Redefine the section while the Fill tool is open—Click Edit on the References tab to use Sketcher. You can also right-click and choose the Edit Internal Sketch shortcut menu command in the graphics window. Remember that if you are redefining a dependent section, you must click Unlink on the References tab to break the association with the parent Sketch feature. Otherwise, Edit will not be available and you must exit the tool to redefine the section.
Redefine the parent Sketch feature—This method can be used only for Fill features that use a dependent section. Refer to the To Create a Section topic for more information. Note that after you redefine the parent Sketch feature, all other features that reference the parent Sketch feature are automatically redefined.
* You cannot redefine the Fill feature. Because Fill features are sketch-based features, the section is always redefined.
Properties Tab
During redefinition, you can use the Properties tab to do the following:
Review and modify the Fill feature name—The Name box displays the current Fill feature name. You can type a new feature name to modify it.
Display detailed Fill feature information—Click to display detailed information for the selected Fill feature in a browser.