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About the Fill Feature
You can create and redefine flat surface features called Fill features using the Fill tool (Model > Fill). A Fill feature is simply a flat surface, closed-loop feature that is defined by its boundaries and is used to thicken surfaces.
You create a Fill feature by doing one of the following:
Select an existing Sketch feature. You can select a Sketch feature from the current model or from another model. The resulting Fill feature uses a dependent section as a reference. This section is fully associative with the parent Sketch feature.
Create an independent section for the Fill feature by using Sketcher. You create this section while the Fill tool remains open.
For more information about sections, refer to the About Sections in Sketch-based Features topic.
* All Fill features must be based on a flat, closed-loop sketched section.
Fill Feature
1. Closed-loop section (sketch)
2. Fill feature