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About Excluding Round Pieces
You can exclude one or more round pieces in a round set that contains multiple round pieces by using the Pieces tab. Excluding pieces enables you to gain more control over the round geometry.
* To exclude round pieces, the current round set must contain two or more round pieces that use one explicit placement reference. This can occur if the round geometry breaks due to non-tangent chains. It can also occur if a single round piece cannot be created at a certain radius value, for example, a round that is too large to sweep around a corner.
Excluding Round Pieces
Before Exclude
After Exclude
The round placement reference is selected and the round geometry propagates across tangent points. The round piece radius is increased and the geometry breaks resulting in round pieces 1 and 2.
Round piece 2 is selected on the Pieces tab and Excluded is used. The round piece is excluded.
1. Round piece 1
2. Round piece 2
3. Trim/Extend handle
4. Edge placement reference
5. Existing round geometry