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To Report Sketch-based Feature Information
Perform one of these actions:
If you are not working in a sketch-based feature tool, select a sketch-based feature (not a section) in the graphics window or Model Tree. Right-click and choose Info > Feature.
If you are working in a sketch-based tool, click the Properties tab and click .
The Creo browser opens providing many tables including the following that pertain to sections:
Parents—Contains the parent Sketch feature name. Note that a parent Sketch feature is listed only for sketch-based features that use dependent sections. If you open a sketch-based feature tool and create an independent section, this table will not list a parent Sketch feature because one simply does not exist.
Children—Lists the children (dependent) features including child sketch-based features. Note that dependent sections are not listed.
Feature Element Data—Indicates if the section is defined or is undefined.
Section Data—Lists the dependent or independent section name.