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To Remove Edges with the Remove Tool
Use this procedure to remove a single-sided closed-loop chain of edges at the boundary of a quilt. To remove solid or quilt surfaces, surface sets, surface regions, or intent surfaces, refer to the topic To Remove Surfaces with the Remove Tool in the Related Links.
1. Do one of the following:
Click Model > Editing > Remove.
Click Flexible Modeling > Remove.
The Remove Surface tab opens with remove surfaces selected, and the Surfaces to remove collector active.
2. Click to switch to edge chain removal. The Edges to remove collector becomes active.
3. Select edges.
* You can also select edges to remove first, and then open the Remove Surface tab.
4. To set how the geometry that results from removing edges will attach to the model, select an option:
Select Same quilt to create the attached geometry as part of the existing quilt.
Select New quilt to attach a new quilt to the existing quilt.
5. To navigate through other possible solutions for geometry configurations for edge chain removal, on the Options tab, click Next or Previous.
When you click Next, the system might stop responding while it tries to find the best possible solution. This is because it checks for all possible combinations for the solution. At this point, to interrupt the check and continue working, click next to in the status bar. The system might also stop responding if a solution does not exist.
When the system is unable to find more than one solution, the Previous and Next options are not available.
You can select a different solution when you redefine the Remove feature.
6. To preserve the topology of the current solution when the feature is regenerated, select the Maintain solution topology check box. If the same topology cannot be reconstructed due to changes in the model, regeneration of the feature will fail.
7. Click .