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To Make a Dependent Section Independent
Dependent sections are fully associative with their parent Sketch feature. If you redefine a dependent section, Creo rolls back, enabling you to make all changes to the parent Sketch feature. The dependent section is then linked to the parent Sketch feature. Because you can use previously referenced Sketch features as references for other sketch-based features, you may not want to change the parent Sketch feature. If this case arises, you need to make the dependent section independent in order to redefine your sketch-based feature.
1. In the graphics window or Model Tree, select a sketch-based feature that uses a dependent section, and right-click and choose Edit Definition from the shortcut menu. The sketch-based feature tool opens, and the feature is highlighted.
2. Click the tab that displays the sketch, and click Unlink. The Unlink dialog box opens informing you that you are about to break the association between the dependent section and the parent Sketch feature.
3. Click OK. The association is broken, and the Sketch feature references are copied to the new independent section. This enables you to use the references as the basis for further redefinition. Notice that the Edit replaces Unlink on the tab.
* If you select a Sketch feature as the parent feature to the independent section, the Section Selection dialog box opens to inform you that the selected Sketch feature will replace the independent section. If this occurs, click Cancel.
4. On the tab, click Edit. The Sketch dialog box opens containing the section references. You can change these references if needed. You can also use the Edit Internal Sketch shortcut menu command from the graphics window.
5. Click Sketch. After Sketcher opens, redefine the section as needed. After you finish, click OK on the Sketch tab. Sketcher closes and the new section is highlighted.
6. Click OK in the Sketch dialog box. The dialog box closes, and the feature preview geometry shows in the graphics window.
7. Continue to redefine the sketch-based feature as needed.
8. When finished, click . The sketch-based feature is redefined using the new independent section, and the tool closes. Notice that the new independent section is displayed in the Model Tree with a unique name.
* You can always identify the section type from the Model Tree. Dependent sections share the same name of the parent Sketch feature. Independent sections have unique names.