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Sketch-based Features in the Model Tree
If you create a section or select a parent Sketch feature, the resulting independent or dependent section resides within its respective sketch-based feature. This is illustrated in the table below:
Model Tree
Sketch 2 is the parent Sketch feature to the Fill feature, Fill 1. Notice that there is a different sketch icon indicating a parent (referenced) Sketch feature.
Sketch 1 is not being referenced by a sketch-based feature.
Protrusion id 39 uses an independent section (S2D0012). Notice the section name is different.
Fill 1 (Fill feature) uses a dependent section (Sketch 2) copied from the parent Sketch feature having the same name.
Customizing the Model Tree Display For Sketch-based Features
As you work with sketch-based features, you may want to view only certain types of Sketch features in the Model Tree. In the Model Tree Items dialog box (in the Model Tree pane, click > Tree Filters), click the General tab. The following Sketch feature check boxes are displayed:
Sketch—Displays or hides all Sketch features that have not been referenced by sketch-based features.
Used sketch—Displays or hides all parent Sketch features. Those Sketch features that have been referenced by sketch-based features.