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Example: A Trajectory Rib
The part to which you add a trajectory rib includes pocket surfaces, as shown:
1. Pocket surfaces
You can select a flat surface reference or a datum plane as the sketching plane. In the following example, a datum plane is selected to define the top of the ribs:
The internal sketch consists of lines, splines, arcs, or curves. For an open loop, the entity endpoints do not have to lie on the pocket surfaces. They are trimmed or extended automatically. However, it is good practice to confine the sketch endpoints to inside the solid geometry. For a closed loop, the loop must lie within the pocket. The following is an example of sketched entities for a trajectory rib:
When you click OK to complete the sketch, the entities are extended or trimmed to meet the pockets surfaces, as shown below:
The rib side surfaces are extended to the next available solid surface. If an open section is projected outside the pocket wall, then it is trimmed. The result is shown below.