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About Externalizing Trajectory Rib Rounds
You can separate the rounds in a Trajectory Rib feature into a single, standalone round feature. Within the round feature, one round set is designated for each of the following intent objects created by the trajectory rib:
Exposed—Exposed edges on the sketch plane
Internal—Internal edges of the trajectory rib, including the following:
Rib-to-Rib—Edges at the intersection of two ribs in the same Trajectory Rib feature.
Rib-to-Model—Rib edges that intersect with any existing feature.
* You cannot externalize the rounds of a failed trajectory rib.
When the Trajectory Rib feature includes a two-tangent round, the externalize operation creates a relation to define them in the round feature. You can use the Relation tool (Tools > Relations) to edit it, or you can remove the relation and edit the round radius.