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Untrimming a Surface or Quilt When Copying
After trimming a surface, you can create a copy of the original surface as it was before it was trimmed. Use the untrim command. Only the copied surface is untrimmed. The surface you copy from remains trimmed.
You can untrim the surface or quilt so that its surface coincides with the following items:
Envelope of the surface
Domain of definition
Different types of surfaces or quilts produce different results depending on the option used with the command.
For single nonanalytic and nonperiodic surfaces, the envelope and the domain of definition of the surface could be the same or different.
For planar surfaces, the domain of definition of the surface is the envelope.
For features with a periodic parameter such as cylinders, cones, and other revolved surfaces, for the periodic parameter, the envelope extent is used as the domain of definition of the surface. For other parameters within these features, the result depends on the surface type.
When a surface has been extended beyond its domain of definition and you untrim the copy to its domain of definition, the resulting copied surface will be shorter than the extended surface you copied.
For quilts, each surface of the quilt is copied separately, resulting in a separate quilt for each copied surface.