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To Tweak a Curve
Start this procedure from the Curve Through Points tab when a spline curve between two points is being created or edited.
1. Perform one of the following actions:
If you are creating a curve, click Model > Datum > Curve > Curve through Points.
If you are editing a curve, select it in the Model Tree and click Edit Definition.
The Curve Through Points tab opens.
2. Click the Options tab, and select the Tweak curve check box.
3. Click Tweak Curve Settings. The Modify Curve dialog box opens.
4. To set how to tweak the curve, click one of the following buttons:
—Moves the control polyhedron surrounding the curve, moving the entire curve.
—Moves the selected control points on the curve. Select a point.
Select an option:
Move—Moves the selected control point.
Add—Adds a control point to the curve at the location you click.
Delete—Deletes the selected control point from the curve
Redistribute—Redistributes the control points along the curve
5. Select the movement plane from the Movement Plane list:
Curve Plane—The movement plane passes through the curve’s normal and tangency vectors created at the movement point.
Defined Plane—The movement plane is parallel to a reference plane. Select the reference plane.
View Plane—The movement plane is parallel to the screen.
6. To limit the movement range of the curve, expand the Region section and perform these actions:
Select the Region check box.
Select the region type from the list.
Select two interpolation points.
7. Tweak the curve using these actions:
Drag points on the curve.
Expand the Sliders section, and drag the sliders or type a value in the direction boxes.
8. To analyze the curve, expand the Diagnostics section, select the analysis to perform, and perform these actions:
To show or hide the analysis in the graphics window, click .
To change the display settings of the analysis, click Setting. The Display settings dialog box opens. Adjust the settings, and click OK.
To change the computation settings, click Computation. The Computation dialog box opens.
9. Adjust the settings, and click OK.
10. Click .