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To Move Features
1. In the Model Tree, select the items that you want to move.
2. Click Model > Copy. The entire feature is copied onto the clipboard.
3. Click Model > Paste Special. The Paste Special dialog box opens.
4. Select the Apply move/rotate transformations to copies check box.
5. Click OK. The Move tab opens.
6. Click to translate the move item or click to rotate the move item.
7. Select a direction reference:
Datum axis
Plane or flat surface
Straight curve
Axis of datum coordinate system
* When translating, the direction reference is perpendicular to the direction in which you want to move when you specify a plane or flat surface as the direction reference. If you select an edge, curve, or axis, the direction reference is parallel to the selected edge, curve, or axis. When rotating, the direction reference is usually an axis or straight edge about which the move item pivots.
8. To move the selected item:
In the graphics window, use the drag handle to manually translate or rotate the move item to the desired distance or angle.
On the Move tab, type a distance or angle value in the value box, or select a value from a list of the most recently used values.
9. If you want to create additional translation or rotation transformations, see To Create Multiple Moves. Otherwise, click to complete the move feature.