Part Modeling > Datum Features > Datum References > To Edit the References of a Datum Reference Feature
To Edit the References of a Datum Reference Feature
1. Select a datum reference feature, and perform one of these actions:
In the Model Tree, right-click and choose Edit References.
Click Model > Operations > Edit References.
The Edit References dialog box opens and shows the references used by the selected feature.
2. To replace a reference:
a. Under Original references, select a reference.
b. Click the New reference collector, and select the replacement reference.
3. To reset a changed reference back to the original reference, select the reference under Original references, and click Reset.
4. To edit the references of other child features of the selected reference:
a. Click to expand the Child handling section.
b. Under Update child features, select the check boxes next to the child features.
5. To roll the model to the most recent feature from which a reference can be selected for the selected reference, click Roll To. This feature is shown next to Roll To.
6. To cycle through the possible positions for the feature that would result from the references:
a. To regenerate the model with the references that were edited so far, click Preview.
b. Under Update child features click next to the feature. Each click places the feature at the next possible position.
* The button is available for features with internal datum planes if at least one reference of an internal datum plane has been replaced by a new reference, and the feature has been regenerated.
7. To view features in the Reference Viewer, right-click the feature and choose Reference Viewer.
8. Click OK.