Part Modeling > Datum Features > Coordinate Systems > To Create an On-Surface Coordinate System
To Create an On-Surface Coordinate System
1. Click Model > Coordinate System. The Coordinate System dialog box opens.
2. Select a surface or a datum plane. A preview of the coordinate system appears in the graphics window.
3. Drag the origin handle to change the coordinate system placement position on the selected surface.
4. The default offset type is Linear. To change the type, from the Type list, select Radial or Diameter.
5. To select offset references, drag the offset handles to references, or click the Offset references collector and select offset references.
You can use an edge, an axis, a datum plane, or a surface as an offset reference.
You can select second and third placement references into the primary References collector. However, if you do, the offset handles disappear and you cannot select offset references.
If the primary reference you select is a:
Planar surface, select either two additional planes or surfaces in the References collector, or two references in the Offset references collector.
Non-planar surface, select two references in the Offset references collector.
6. Click the Orientation tab.
7. To rotate the coordinate system around the first axis, select the Add rotation about the first axis check box. The Axis Rotation list appears on the tab, and a rotation handle appears on the drag handle in the graphics window.
8. Select a rotation value. The coordinate system rotates around the first axis.
9. To change the name of the new coordinate system, click the Properties tab and type a name.
10. Click OK.