Part Modeling > Datum Features > Coordinate Systems > To Create an Offset Coordinate System
To Create an Offset Coordinate System
1. Click Model > Coordinate System. The Coordinate System dialog box opens.
2. Select an existing coordinate system.
3. From the Offset type list, select an offset type:
Cartesian—Set values for X, Y, and Z.
Cylindrical—Set values for R radius, Θ theta, and Z.
Spherical—Type values for r radius, ϕ phi, and Θ theta.
From File—Select a transformation file to import a coordinate system's location.
4. To adjust the offset distance, perform these actions:
Type a distance value in the value boxes.
Use the drag handle to drag the coordinate system to a desired position.
Drag the coordinate system along each of the reference coordinate system's axes with the drag handle at the center of the coordinate system. To change directions, hover the cursor over the drag handle and then move the cursor toward one of the axes. As you move the pointer toward the axes, the drag handle changes direction.
5. Change the axes orientation on the Orientation tab.
6. Click OK.