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To Create a Same Surface Extension
Use this procedure to create an Along Surface extension using the Same option.
1. Select the boundary edge chain of the surface that you want to extend.
2. Click Model > Extend. The Extend tab opens.
3. Click the Options tab, and select Same in the Method box.
4. For each extension side, select Along to create the side along the side edge, or select Normal To to create the extension normal to the boundary edge.
5. To extend the surface, you can:
In the graphics window, use the drag handle to manually extend the selected boundary chain to the desired distance.
On the Extend tab, type a distance value in the value box or select a value from a list of the most recently used values.
* You can click at any time to toggle between extending or trimming the original surface.
6. To add measurement points, click the Measurements tab. Right-click inside the tab and choose Add. Define the point's location and use the point to drag the extension in the graphics window or set the location and extension on the Measurements tab. You can add multiple points for finer control.
7. Click .