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To Create a Multi-point Extension
You can use multiple measurement points to create a variable distance extension.
1. Select the boundary edge chain of the surface that you want to extend.
2. Click Model > Extend. The Extend tab opens.
3. Click the Options tab, select the extension Method.
4. Drag the edge to create the extension.
5. To add measurement points, click the Measurements tab. Initially, the system adds only one measurement point, which extends the entire chain by the same distance to create a constant extension.
6. Right-click inside the Measurements tab and choose Add.
7. Specify the points's location by typing a distance along the edge (from the first point to the point being added) under Location.
8. Type the extension distance under Distance or drag the point.
9. From the Distance Type list, select one of the extension options:
Normal to Edge—Extends the surface normal to the selected edge.
Along Edge—Extends the surface along the side edge.
To Vertex Parallel—Extends the surface at the vertex and parallel to the boundary edge.
To Vertex Tangent—Extends the surface at the vertex and tangent to the next one-sided edge.
10. To continue adding points, right-click again and choose Add. To delete one of the measurement points, right-click that row, and then choose Delete.