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To Copy and Paste Between two Different Sources
When copying and pasting between two different parts you may encounter a situation where the two different parts use two different systems of measurement units (one part may be in inches and the other in centimeters). This into account when pasting a feature, and you are given several different scaling options.
1. Select the feature you want to copy.
2. Click Model > Copy. The feature is copied into the clipboard.
3. Open the target model or activate the window with a model in which you want to paste the copied features.
4. Click Model > Paste. The Scale dialog box opens.
5. Select one of the following options in the Scale dialog box:
Keep dimension values—Keeps the dimension values of the copied feature. For example, a dimension value of 1 will remain 1 regardless of the differing measurement systems. This is the default.
Keep feature sizes—Converts the dimension values of the copied feature to the measurement system used in the window in which you are pasting. For example if the copied feature uses inches as units and the paste window uses centimeters, a dimension value of 1 inch is converted to 2.54 centimeters.
Scale by value—Scales the paste item by a specified value. Type a value in Scaling factor.
6. Click OK in the Scale dialog box. The feature-creation tool of the feature type you are trying to paste opens.
7. Edit the placement settings as you see fit.
8. Click on the tab. The original feature is copied and placed according to the references specified.