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Example: Importing a Datum Curve
This example shows you how to import a datum curve from an .ibl file.
Sample .ibl file:
You can create .ibl files using any text editor.
The point numbering (the first column of numbers) in an .ibl file is optional.
Follow the steps below to import the .ibl file and create the datum curve as shown in the following illustration.
1. Datum curve created from an .ibl file
1. Click Model > Get Data > Import. The Open dialog box opens.
2. Select or browse to the .ibl file, and click Import. The File dialog box and the Import tab open.
3. In the File dialog box, under Import type, select Curve, and then click OK. The curve appears in the graphics window.
4. To change the curve position, on the Import tab:
a. Click the Placement tab.
b. Click the Coordinate System collector, and in the graphics window or Model Tree, select a coordinate system.
5. Click . A datum curve is created from the instructions in the .ibl file.