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Embedding Asynchronous Datums
The asynchronous datum features that are referenced by a feature are embedded in the feature only after the creation or the redefinition of the main feature or after you perform feature operations such as edit references, feature copy, pattern, and so on. The reference datum features are validated before they are embedded as sub-nodes in the feature based on the parent-child relationship.
A referenced datum feature that is embedded in a feature is not available for referencing or embedding by other features of the same model. It is available to be used as a reference by other embedded datums of the same feature or a feature of a different model.
For a feature that is copied and pasted with transformations, the datum features embedded in the original feature are copied, but not transformed, while the original parent feature is copied with transformations. The duplicated datum features without transformations retain their relevant embedded locations in the resultant copied and transformed instances of the original feature. Their locations in the feature geometry are similar to the datum features that are embedded in the original feature. The copied and transformed instances reference their corresponding copied datums that are embedded in them.
Similarly, for patterns of a patterned feature, the embedded datums of the patterned feature are also patterned without transformations. The patterned datum features retain their relevant embedded locations in the resultant patterns and are embedded in the first member of each pattern. The patterned instances reference their relevant and corresponding patterned datums.
The following types of asynchronous datums are not embedded in a feature:
Datum features that are created asynchronously during the creation or definition of the feature but are not referenced by the feature.
Datum features that were previously referenced and embedded in the feature, but are currently not referenced. An embedded datum feature that has lost its reference to the main feature, because of an operation such as redefinition of the main feature, is automatically converted to a standalone datum feature.
An asynchronous datum feature that is used as a reference by two features of the same model.
Datum features that belong to a feature that is located in the footer of the Model Tree. The datum features are not embedded any more when the main feature is placed in the footer.
Datum curves, including the sketched datum curves.
You cannot embed datum features in a feature while performing a manufacturing operation. In addition, tail-end features of merge operations cannot have embedded datum features.